1971 Formel Vau 1300

FIRST LCR racing car

LCR Formula Vee 1300

1972 Driver: Louis Christen

Louis Christen built and drove his first racing car in 1971 ( Formula Vee 1300 cc ).
From 1971 to 1985 thirtyfife racing cars have been produced ( Formula Vee 1300/1600 cc, Formula Ford 1600/2000 cc, Formula 3). These cars won several national championships and many international races.

First LCR-Sidecar 1976 (Monocoque)


In 1976 the first LCR sidecar was designed.
In 1978 the Swiss sidecar team Holzer- Meierhans won the first Grand Prix with an LCR at Spa.
The most successfull drivers ever, Rolf Biland ( who raced LCR from 1979 until his retirement in 1997) and Steve Webster (using LCR since 1983) won more than 100 World Championship and World Cup races.

LCR 1988

Webster-Hewitt Simmons

LCR sidecars have won 18 World Championships and 6 World Cups with the following teams: Holzer-Meierhans, Biland-Waltisperg, Streuer- Snyders, Webster-Hewitt/Simmons/James/ Woodhad, Michel-Birchal, Reeves-Reeves/Farrance.

LCR 1990


We are proud to say that for the last 25 years nearly every new idea and design for sidecars has been developed and introduced by LCR.

Zündapp-LCR 1983

From 1983 to 1989 we produced a series of very successful monocoque frames for the 80 cc and 125 cc Grand-Prix solo classes. Zündapp worksteam and later Krauser were using our 80 cc frames and driver Stefan Dörflinger twice won the World Championship. There were several Grand Prix wins in the 125 class with MBA- engines.

Krauser Domani LCR Design

Since 1986 in co-operation with Krauser we produce the DOMANI road sidecar. Around the world we now have more than 100 confident users of this absolutely unique and exciting sidecar.

In corporation with other companies we produced different vehicles, like for example this Solar-Mobile1987. This Solarmobile was designed and constructed for the Tour de Sol, the world's first race of solarmobiles (1985-1993).

LCR-Dragster with F1-BMW engine, 1499 cc, turbo, 1050 PS (Ex-Nelson Pique)